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Toy Robots

robots de juguete

The concept of toy robots has changed a lot in recent years. Today, the use of robotics is more focused on education. It is mainly focused on the development of cognitive skills of the youngest.

So, nowadays, it is not unreasonable to give a robot as a gift to a young child. There is a special kind of robot for any kind of child regardless of age.

Cheap Robot Toys 🤩

The important thing at all times is to see what teaching the child will have with that toy robot that has been chosen for him.

If you have thought of giving a toy robot to your child, nephew or grandson, we recommend that you follow the reading of this post, because we have excellent information for you.

What are Toy Robots?

We can say without a doubt that toy robots are elements that provide children with more than just fun. But a way to develop their skills in different areas: planning, evaluation, innovation and foresight.

toy robot

They are an excellent option nowadays to start introducing children into the technological world, always according to their age and tastes.

Every day we find unique designs that are of great empathy for children, with which they can play while learning.

Types of Toy Robots 🤖

Let’s see what types of toy robots there are today. Then we’ll see what kind of toy robot you should choose for your little one.


As the name suggests, these are human-shaped robots with which the little ones will undoubtedly identify themselves much better.

They are designed for the precise simulation of the mobility, morphology, reasoning and emotions of an ordinary person.

SUNNOW Robot Juguete Programación Inteligente Gestos Control Robots Recargable Multifuncionales Robot de Radiocontrol, Juguete Ideal para Niños (Azul)
  • 🍭Robot Interactivo: Robot de control remoto SUNNOW puede brindar más diversión a los niños con cantos,...
  • 🍭Control Remoto Inteligente: RC Robot sigue los comandos de gestos con las manos: movimientos hacia adelante,...
  • 🍭Dos Modos de Movimiento: Caminar y deslizarse con el modo de conducción en cuatro direcciones. Los brazos...

Most of them are programmable, being an excellent hobby not only for children, but also for adults.


There are also pet robots, ideal for children. The youngest ones usually love pets, but unfortunately they are so small that they can’t usually take responsibility for the whole burden of caring for an animal.

JUGUETECNIC │ Perro Robot interactivo para Niños Buddy │ Canta, Baila y tiene Movimiento Teledirigido│ Ojos LED, Con Batería y Cable Cargador USB │ Mascota realista
  • PERRO ROBOT PARA NIÑOS INTERACTIVO: Mascota inteligente ideal para niños. ¡Baila, canta y hace shows! Sus ojos...
  • ROBOT EDUCATIVO: Este perrito interactivo enseña los números y letras a los niños.
  • REGALO PERFECTO PARA NIÑOS: Incluye mando y funciona con una batería interna recargable. El mando necesita Pilas....

However, with the use of a pet robot, the child can begin to understand and take on such responsibilities without it being a sacrifice for anyone. In this area, toy robot dogs are the most recommended.

Dinosaurs 🐱‍🐉

The famous toy robots dinosaurs are becoming very famous in recent years. Especially if we consider that children usually love both robots and dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Superataque del Tyrannosaurus Rex, dinosaurio de juguete (Mattel FMY70)
  • La fortaleza principal de este dinosaurio es: FUERZA
  • La figura Superataque del Tyrannosaurus Rex, a imagen del personaje que fascinó a los fans de las películas de...
  • Además de tener un moldeado y detalles realistas, la figura Superataque del Tyrannosaurus Rex emite efectos de...

So, if your child loves these two subjects, don’t hesitate, buy a dinosaur robot. I’m sure that’s what your child would most like to have.

Retro Robots

Retro robots are an interesting way to introduce your children to the world of technology, and especially robotics.

You will be very familiar with them, as most of these children’s robotic toys are now seen in cartoon series on TV.

They will surely be extremely attracted to them, and it will be interesting for them to learn about the shapes and styles of robots in their grandparents’ time.

To Build 🏗

Building robots develop creativity and empower the imagination of children. They encourage them to raise their capacity to invent to the maximum, creating a myriad of unique models that have a lot to do with their way of seeing things.

LEGO 17101 Boost Caja de Herramientas Creativas, Juguete 5en1, Robot Teledirigido, Aprender a Programar, Regalo Cumpleaños Infantiles Niños 7-12 Años
  • Da vida a las creaciones de los peques con este juguete de construcción interactivo 5en1, podrán escoger entre el...
  • Los peques podrán construir el robot de juguete Vernie para que baile, dispare a la diana, cante beatbox, use su...
  • Personalizar el M.T.R.4 para completar misiones o luchar contra otros rovers y jugar con Frankie El Gato, la...

Discover your little one’s ability by giving him a robot to build. Let him be deeply moved by building the robot he wants so badly.

By Remote Control 🎮

Kids love to be in control of things. That’s why giving them a remote-controlled robot is the most special toy you can give them. It’s a great way to allow their mental development to go 100%.

LEXIBOOK Powerman Robot de Juguete Parlante, color blanco (ROB50ES)
  • Los pequeños de la casa ya pueden aprender y divertirse al mismo tiempo gracias a este robot inteligente e...
  • Diseño súper mono con efectos luminosos
  • Graba y reproduce música y también le encanta bailar

There is a wide variety of remote control toy robots on the market, each with its own special features. But the most important thing is that children get involved in the technology in a participatory way.

For Adults 👨

Did you think we’d forgotten about you? Not a chance. Adult toy robots are just as crazy about us as you are. But you know, the price isn’t usually low compared to the little ones.

BANDAI - MG Gundam Thunderbolt - Figura Ver.Ka 50046 - En Escala 1:100
  • MG Gundam Thunderbolt, figura Ver.Ka 1/100
  • Nuevo Kit presentado por Bandai.Imposible perdérselo.
  • Requiere ensamblaje.

And if you like Gundams, Gunpla, Macross Frontier, etc… Then you are one of my people, I think I’ll buy the model AEU-09, one of my favorites.

Robots for Children What advantages do they offer?

Fortunately, robotics is already being taught in many schools as a subject. The idea is to get as many benefits as possible from robots to people, for example:

  • Concentration: When you give your child the task of creating a robot, you are helping him use his maximum level of concentration.
  • Reasoning: Children use reasoning at all times while trying to build, move or program a toy robot. You are giving him the ability to discern that each piece has a specific place in life.
  • Curiosity: Undoubtedly, curiosity comes out in front of what is in front of us and we do not know it. It helps us to be much more focused on what we want to learn or do. This is how human beings are.
  • Creativity: If you give your child a toy that he can modify as many times as he wants, we assure you that you will be impressively surprised to see all the creativity that your child has in his head.

List of Children’s Toy Robots

Which Toy Robot should I buy? 🤔

There are no secrets, robotics is undoubtedly another of the realities that are significantly marking the civilization in which we live.

Sooner or later, artificial intelligence and industrial automation are going to be part of our lives as they are right now.

So avoiding them does not lead to any progress. Sooner or later your children are going to be faced with these kinds of products. So, why not get them closer to robots right away?

There is no one better than parents to introduce their children to educational robotics in a positive way. That is why we believe that when you buy a toy robot for your child, it must bring something of value to your child.

Mainly it must be educational. We are not leaving out the fun, on the contrary. A toy robot has the element of fun in addition, but it is ideal when it is also an educational toy robot.

Your little one will always want to know how much he can do with his toy robot so it will also spark his creativity.

That’s what toy robots do for children, an unknown world that they strive to discover in every possible way.

World’s Best Toy Robots

So you know, there’s a world of incredible and positive possibilities for your kids in the world of robotics. You can even play with them, because believe it or not, even you will want to be part of it.

Here are a number of alternatives for your little ones. We have made a very good selection of the best children’s robot toys, we are sure that the choice you make will be the best.